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Upgrading to thermoforming from metal has many advantages that provide the aesthetics required in today’s market at minimal cost.

There are several benefits for converting metal to a thermoformed part.  The four most important (benefits) are:

  1. Cost
  2. Weight
  3. Design Flexibility
  4. Material advantages


  • The more complex the geometry of the part’s design the greater the cost savings. A customer may experience a cost savings of up to 50 percent on a conversion to plastic on a complex part.
  • As the part’s complexity and the production volumes increase the advantages of thermoforming grows exponentially. In a metal fabrication, investments in component ancillary tooling may be needed (stamping dies) to achieve shipment releases and cost reductions.

In-direct benefits include:

  • Decrease in weight will reduce assembly cost (one assembler rather than two).
  • Customer perception of an advanced product due to the flexibility of design and materials available to General Plastics.


  • Thermoforming resins allow engineers to obtain the properties required, while allowing designers the flexibility to achieve the aesthetics required and reduces the cost and weight of the product.
  • Depending on the metal alloy, thermoformed plastics may be up to 75 percent lighter based upon specific gravity.

In-direct benefits include:

  • Fuel efficiency.
  • Decreased emissions.
  • Decreased noise and vibration levels.
  • Lower overall weight of the product.
  • Logistics/freight advantages.


  • Ability to produce complex shapes and designs without secondary assembly steps. These same shapes manufactured in metal are expensive and may require ancillary stamping and tooling.
  • Ability to form logos and warning labels as well as other branding directly into the part.
  • Mating points easily designed in the part.
  • Multiple finishes on the same part.
  • Part Consolidation.

Indirect benefits include:

  • Decreased cost.
  • Decreased assembly time.
  • Decreased part numbers, carrying costs and inventory.
  • Increased aesthetics.
  • Part consistencies and repeatability from part-to-part as well as lot-to-lot.


  • There are many thermoforming resins available – HIPS, ABS, PC, PE, TPO, acrylic and alloys – the correct material is matched to achieve the clients’ needed requirements and pricing.
  • Materials meet flame, smoke and toxicity requirements that are required by the transit industry.
  • Monolithic color eliminates painting.
  • Texture availability without cost implications on sheet.
  • Texture tooling for specific texture requirements.
  • No corrosion.

General Plastics, Inc. is your full-service thermoforming solution with more than 30 years of experience with expertise in the following applications:

  • Pressure forming (6’ x 10’)
  • Vacuum forming (6’ x 10’)
  • CNC & Robotic trimming
  • Full assembly and sourcing
  • Packaging and kitting
  • Prototype and production tooling
  • DFMA assistance
  • Design freedom for undercuts, texture and color

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