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General Plastics, Inc. is not only located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but it is a valuable member of the community, willing to work with others to solve concerns by applying what the company knows best – conceiving problem-solving solutions and producing solutions through thermoforming plastics.  Two examples of the company’s recent community work involved the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) to solve issues that are not available in the general market-place.

The first project was to create a way to cover the lead filter on every drinking fountain in the MPS system.  The manufacturer of the fountains and filter did not have a cover and the MPS master plumber was concerned with the possibility that kids could damage the exposed filter.

The original intent for this filter was to be installed under a cabinet.  MPS provided a steel prototype that General Plastics converted to plastic.

The second project was to help MPS with its issue of having the schools’ digital clocks from being vandalized and destroyed.  MPS could not find a cover to protect the clocks on the general market, so General Plastics developed a concept and solution to the problem making covers for the clocks out of plastic.

“We believe it is our civic responsibility to get involved and help institutions, such as MPS, in solving serious concerns.  As in the case of these two examples, our experience and expertise in plastics was the solution that were not solvable in the general marketplace,” said Bob Porsche, Owner and President, General Plastics, Inc.

General Plastics, Inc. is your full-service thermoforming solution with more than 30 years of experience with expertise in the following applications:

  • Pressure forming (6’ x 10’)
  • Vacuum forming (6’ x 10’)
  • CNC & Robotic trimming
  • Full assembly and sourcing
  • Packaging and kitting
  • Prototype and production tooling
  • DFMA assistance
  • Design freedom for undercuts, texture and color

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