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The Wisconsin Sustainability Business Awards committee recently informed General Plastics, Inc. that the company has won the 2017 Sustainability Business Process Award.

According to the Wisconsin Business Council, sustainable businesses are constantly seeking ways to run more efficiently and reduce costs associated with producing their product or service.  Whether the focus is on energy efficiency, materials efficiency, or employee productivity, process improvements can create triple bottom line benefits.

The Sustainable Process award is designed to recognize companies who are:

  • Implementing process improvement that save energy or time
  • Improving logistics and transportation options
  • Investing in research and development using sustainability criteria
  • Developing procurement criteria that reward sustainability in suppliers
  • Influencing customers to think of sustainable business practices in their purchasing decisions
  • Introducing lean or world class manufacturing principles into the company

Of the many entries in a highly competitive and deserving field, only one could win and General Plastics was selected as the Sustainable Process of the Year Award Winner. According to Tom Eggert, Wisconsin Sustainability Sustainable Business Awards Committee,

“We had a number of great nominations, and I’m amazed at the great things that are being done in businesses across the state by people who are super committed to sustainability.”

The award was presented to General Plastics during the Awards Ceremony, on June 23, at InPro Corporation in Muskego.