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General Plastics, Inc. can live its slogan, We Form Concept into Reality™ because our leadership leads by example and, in doing so, has inspired our staff; working as a team to form the culture that is needed to deliver products that meet industry standards while achieving, or exceeding customer expectations.

There are many careers within General Plastics and people who are proud to be part of the company, its people, customers and the products we manufacture. Over the next few months we will introduce you to several of them.

Let us Introduce…

Jesus Guerrero, Quality Inspector

It is Jesus’s responsibility to make sure that every part produced at and shipped from the company meets criteria such as customer specifications, quality standards, and manufacturing certifications.

He inspects the first part produced from an order by pulling the customer’s blueprint and reviewing the job ticket to see if there are any special requirements noted.  He checks the part either by using hand tools or a Romer Arm scanner to determine how close it is to the actual requirement. And when a customer sends a solid model instead of blueprints, he scans the part and performs a one-to-one comparison.  If something doesn’t match, he takes it back to the programmer and helps with finding the solution, until an acceptable part is on file and everything falls within tolerance.

Jesus also works with new customers by completing the control plan paperwork such as the pre-production approval process and submits the dimensional results to the customer to verify that the part will be made to their specifications.

He is passionate about his role at General Plastics and particularly enjoys working with people – his peers and customers – in the problem-solving process.

“I am not the only one responsible for delivering high quality products and attaining customer satisfaction – it is a team effort and I am happy to be a part of what makes happen.  We are all working together to meet our clients’ expectations and in designing, manufacturing and delivering good products. I like the environment of the company and our team approach.” – Jesus Guerrero

Jesus earned his Quality Inspector certification through a one-semester technical college course.


Greg Schmidt, Supply Chain Manager

Greg worked for General Plastics for 19 years, left to gain additional manufacturing experience, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain Operations Management and recently returned to General Plastics as Supply Chain Manager.

As Supply Chain Manager, Greg will work on processes for incoming and outgoing materials aligning them with plant requirements.  He will also work on a new process to make sure material arrives on time to meet these requirements.  His biggest challenge will be to put processes in place to lower inventory totals without affecting customer needs and special stocking programs with our customers.

His first assignment as supply chain manager was to develop a program that visually mapped out the steps in a new part order process. This visual mapping program gave the employees the opportunity to see the mapping process and observe the steps taken throughout the company – from start to finish. Greg realized that in giving employees the opportunity to observe the process that is currently in place there would be a higher level of understanding and overall collaboration in assessing the process and looking for ways to make it more efficient and productive.

Things have changed dramatically at General Plastics since I’ve been gone – it does not take me to institute process changes. There are a lot of people who are very capable of working together to build better efficiencies. I’m happy to be part of the team and offer my contributions where I can. – Greg Schmidt


Rob Weileder, Manufacturing Engineer

As a manufacturing engineer, Rob wears many hats.  He is the IT department – taking care of the phone system. He works on several software projects such as rearranging the plant for better workflow; building additions and the remodeling project in the front area.  He also designs software programs to make things easier for the people in the plant such as the label printing program.  Installing label stations in various locations throughout the plant allows the people on the floor to scan their work order and print the necessary labels. The outcome has increased productivity and quality and reduced (if not eliminated) labeling errors.

The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.  Rob has been involved in the certification projects from the start in helping the company earn and maintain them.  He enjoys being involved in the ISO projects and is especially challenged with the ISO-14001, which is an environmental certification.  To maintain this certification, he is constantly looking for ways to reduce, recycle or use materials more responsibly and raising awareness throughout the company.

Rob is a right-angle square corner type of guy who can see multiple ways of accomplishing things and determining which is best – if it doesn’t work out as expected there are other approaches, all with the underlining goal of making things easier and more efficient for people and less error prone.  He is a methodical thinker with a talent for having an attention for detail; he never knows where the day will take him, but he is always enthusiastic and interested in helping wherever he is needed.

My favorite thing to do is to create efficiencies in everyday workplace settings.  One day I’m writing software programs to make someone’s job easier, the next I’m redesigning a machine for a whole different process.  From the owner’s computer needs and projects to the guy pushing the button and packing parts, I get to work with everyone.

Rob is currently going to school to earn a software development degree.