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General Plastics Industries Served

Mass Transit: Plastic products we produce are located on the interior of the buses from between the windows up through the ceiling, as well as the exterior impact panels. We also provide support to some of the largest seating companies for bus and rail markets. The parts we produce for our bus and rail seating customers include the following: Seat backs, tray tables, armrests, side shrouds, footrest, and handicap chairs.
OEM Components: Plastic components that we have produced have been in numerous industries that could include structural components, enclosures, covers, aesthetic cosmetic components, as well as other end results. These industries could be for bathroom fixtures, lamp shades, sky light/lighting diffusers, marine and heavy truck covers, the fitness industry, spa equipment, casino gaming industry, and food and beverage.
Construction and Ag: We produce various covers, panels, and guards for construction equipment, agricultural harvesting equipment, and tractors. These could be a safety product as well as a cosmetic concern. And in some cases both charateristics are needed and we are here to help develop that solution.
Medical: Cosmetic exterior panels and enclosures, seatbacks, base cover pieces and drawer faces for medical computer carts.
Dunnage: Trays for internal part handling as well as transit and in-plant handling.
POP: Plastic components both structural and cosmetic. Screening, distortion printing, decorating, forming, trimming, procurement of components and packaging, kitting and drop shipping available.