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In summer 2016, General Plastics, Inc. completed a 42,000-square-foot addition to its existing 52,000-square-foot facility. “The expansion allows us to increase our ability to enhance automation and controls technology, which is an important strategy for expanding and improving our capabilities, adding new technology, and re-layout the ‘footprint’ of our machinery to gain efficiencies and better flow,” said Bob Porsche, Owner and President, General Plastics, Inc.
The growth of the company is centered around its ability to improve the flow of its product – from receipt of the order to its shipping. “Response time and turn-around are key in growing our business and this expansion is one of the most important strategies of our five-year plan; without it we would not be able to fulfill our other strategic priorities,” said Porsche.

The facility’s expansion also included plans for enlarging the employee parking lot and installing a furnished patio complete with a grill.

“We have some of the best employees in the industry; our growth depends on them. We value every one of them,” said Porsche.