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Pressure Forming vs Injection Molding

Pressure forming has emerged as a great alternative to injection on both small and large parts in volumes of less than 5,000 pieces per year. The larger the part, the greater cost advantages you will experience.

If done correctly, you will not be able to tell the difference of a pressure formed part vs an injection molded part from the outside. All interior features in pressure forming are done secondarily via a fixture, CNC, and/or a combination of both.

  • Tooling is less expensive (30-40% of an hardened injection molded tool)
  • Tooling is completed quicker (50% faster than a hardened injection molded tool)
    • Our tooling could be either pressure cast aluminum or a machined billet tool
  • Tooling can be acid etched for matching existing textures – which is a direct transfer to the part
  • Ability to incorporate ribs, bosses, inserts, re-enforcements, and other B-side details
  • Elimination of flaws inherent of injection molding
    • No sink marks
    • No knit lines
    • Less internal stress

Let General Plastics help you explore the possibilities that pressure forming can offer on your next project!